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MWPS9, Reviewed January 2002

Designs for Glued Trusses

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MidWest Plan Service

Criteria for selection, construction, and erection of glued trusses are found here. Designs for 9,004 plywood-gusset wood trusses are featured.

Also featured are 78 truss selection tables, with data for trusses with 20-feet to 60-feet spans; 3/12-, 4/12-, and 5/12-slopes; 2 feet-, 4 feet-, and 8 feet-spacings; 0-, 5-, and 8-psf ceilings; roof loads from 12- to 100-psf; and lumber grades of 1,100f, 1,400f, and 1,600f. Maximum allowable roof loads are given for each truss design.

Caution and warranty disclaimer

Because this book presents truss plans that are based on old or outdated building codes, the truss plans are to be used only as conceptual information. Neither MidWest Plan Service nor any of the cooperating land-grand universities and their respective agents or employees have made and do not make any representation, warranty, or covenant with respect to the specifications for the trusses described in the book.

Additional professional services will be required to tailor the trusses described in this book to your situation.



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