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MP742, New August 2005

Missouri State and Local Spending: A Fifty-State Comparison for 2002

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State comparisonsSteven B. Winter, Seth A. Kessler, and Judith I. Stallmann
Division of Applied Social Sciences, College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources and Truman School of Public Affairs

Missouri ranks low among the 50 states in overall spending by state and local governments. It also ranks low in environmental and housing expenditures as well as government administration and miscellaneous expenditures. Missouri's highest rankings are for spending on transportation and social services and income maintenance. For Missouri state and local governments, the single largest expenditure is for education.

Among the 50 states, Missouri state and local governments rank

In sum, Missouri ranks low on many expenditures because it is also a relatively low-tax state. Missouri ranks 42nd in state and local taxes as a percentage of personal income.



MP742 Missouri State and Local Spending: A Fifty-State Comparison for 2002 | University of Missouri Extension

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