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MP737, Reviewed October 2014

Garden 'n Grow: Leader Handbook

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Garden 'n Grow The Garden ’n Grow Leader Handbook (MP737) and Garden ’n Grow Gardener’s Notebook (MP738) are publications designed to be used as curriculum for the Missouri Garden ’n Grow Program. The leader handbook contains 20 lesson plans (one for each week of the program), with activities to help children learn the basics of vegetable gardening while improving skills in math, science and language arts.

Garden 'n Grow

Each lesson has a clearly explained objective with detailed instructions and procedures. Lessons include crossword puzzles, vegetable planting guides, garden plot designs, daily observation checklists, recipes, weed and insect identification pages ... all presented in a fun, visually interesting way to hold the attention of young people and make teaching complicated concepts a breeze.



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