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MP662, Reviewed October 1993

Total Mixed Dairy Rations: Plans, Uses and Economics by Herd Size

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James N. Spain
Department of Animal Sciences
Myron Bennett and Donald Osburn
Department of Agricultural Economics
David Williams
Department of Agricultural Engineering

The objectives named in this publication include evaluating total mixed dairy rations in comparison to other feeding systems; providing a list of facilities and equipment, by herd size, needed to prepare, mix and distribute rations; evaluating the economic advantage of total mixed dairy rations; identifying the minimum size herd needed to feed total mixed rations at an economic advantage; and identifying the optimal size herd needed to justify the added investment in facilities and equipment required for storing, processing and feeding total mixed rations.

The publication provides the conclusions reached in a study of different sized dairy herds.




MP662 Total Mixed Dairy Rations: Plans, Uses and Economics by Herd Size | University of Missouri Extension

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