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MP581, Revised December 2004

Weed and Brush Control Guide for Forages, Pastures and Noncropland

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CoverKevin W. Bradley and J. Andrew Kendig
Department of Agronomy

This publication, based on University research, can be used to select and compare herbicides. It is written specifically for the forage crops, soils and weed problems in Missouri. Lists of more than 80 herbicides, their formulations and manufacturers are included. Information on herbicides is presented in three categories: forage crops, grass pasture and rangeland, and brush and woody plant control.

In each section, a table of weed response to herbicides rates the effectiveness of labeled herbicides to control specific weeds — excellent, good, fair or poor.

This publication also presents application rates, weeds controlled and notes on application methods and precautions for herbicides.

Information on time intervals and restrictions for labeled crops can also be found.




MP581 Weed and Brush Control Guide for Forages, Pastures and Noncropland | University of Missouri Extension

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