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MP565, Reviewed October 1993

Common Cold Checklist

When you have a cold, use this checklist to decide whether a visit to the doctor is necessary.

This checklist is for anyone over 2 years old who is in good general health. People with other health problems and children below age 2 may need to see a doctor even before these warning signs are present.

Always listen to your doctor if he or she gives you advice that is different from this checklist.

See your doctor if there are any of these warning signs:

This checklist was developed and tested by researchers at the MU School of Medicine, Department of Family and Community Medicine, and originally published in the following article: Carl R. Roberts, Peter B. Imrey, James D. Turner, Michael C. Hosokawa, Joan M. Alster, Reducing Physician Visits for Colds Through Consumer Education, Journal of the American Medical Association, volume 250 (Oct. 21, 1983) 1986-89.
MP565 Common Cold Checklist | University of Missouri Extension

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