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MP563, Reviewed September 2002

In a Pinch: Food Yields

Barbara Willenberg
Extension assistant
Karla Hughes
State food and nutrition specialist

Can you answer the following question?

These and many more questions can be answered by this handy chart on food yields. Keep it nearby when preparing a meal or making out your shopping list. It's a real time-saver.

The following yields are only approximations, because preparation techniques and the condition of fresh food vary greatly.

Food yields




Barley, regular

Barley, quick

Beans, dry

Bread crumbs


Candied fruit or peels

Cheese, American

Cheese, cheddar

Coconut, flaked or shredded

Chocolate, morsels or chips

Chocolate, cocoa

Chocolate, unsweetened



Crackers, graham

Crackers, soda

Cranberries, fresh uncooked

Cream, heavy whipping

Dates, pitted and cut up

Fat, butter or margarine, solid

Fat, butter, whipped

Fat, oils

Fat, shortening

Figs, dried and cut fine

Flour, corn

Flour, gluten, sifted

Flour, rice, sifted

Flour, rice, stirred, spooned

Flour, rye, light, sifted

Flour, rye, dark, sifted

Flour, soy, full-fat, sifted

Flour, soy, low-fat

Flour, wheat, all-purpose

Flour, wheat, unsifted, spooned

Flour, wheat, bread, sifted

Flour, wheat, cake sifted

Flour, cake, spooned

Flour, pastry, sifted

Flour self-rising, sifted

Flour, whole-wheat, stirred

Marshmallows, regular size

Marshmallows, miniature

Nuts, almonds, in shell

Nuts, almonds, shelled

Nuts, English walnuts, in shell

Nuts, English walnuts shelled

Nuts, filberts, in shell

Nuts, filberts, shelled

Nuts, peanuts, in shell

Nuts, peanuts, shelled

Nuts, pecans, in shell

Nuts, pecans, shelled

Oats, rolled


Pasta, macaroni

Pasta, noodles

Pasta, spaghetti, 2-inch pieces


Potatoes, white

Prunes, dried, whole and pitted


Rice, regular

Rice, minute

Shrimp, fresh

Sugar, brown

Sugar, confectioners' unsifted

Sugar, granulated

Tea, loose





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