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M96, Revised October 2007

Wood-Destroying Pest Management (Category 7B)

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Errata: On page 67, two answers to the Chapter 5 study questions are incorrect or missing. The correct answers are: question 7 — A (true) and question 8 — B (false).

Richard M. Houseman
Division of Plant Sciences

This manual is part of Missouri's Pesticide Applicator Training Program. Revised in 2007 for 2008 training, this publication covers identification and control of termites and wood-destroying species of beetles, ants and bees. It prepares pesticide applicators for a Category 7B, Wood-Destroying Pest Management, certification test given by the Missouri Department of Agriculture and is being reviewed for use in other states.

Missouri's Pesticide Applicator Training program is a cooperative effort among MU Extension, MU and the Missouri Departments of Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources.

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