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IPM1023, New January 2005

Missouri Weed Seeds

Euphorbiaceae (Spurge family)

Broadleaf plant family

Most of the plants from this family present in Missouri are spurges, which include about 20 different species.

Copperleaf, hophornbeam Copperleaf, hophornbeam
Acalypha ostryifolia

Copperleaf, Virginia Copperleaf, Virginia
Acalypha virginica

Croton, tropic Croton, tropic
Croton glandulosus var. septentrionalis

Croton, woolly Croton, woolly
Croton capitatus

Spurge, nodding Spurge, nodding
Euphorbia nutans

Spurge, prostrate Spurge, prostrate
Euphorbia humistrata

Spurge, toothed Spurge, toothed
Euphorbia dentata

For an idea of relative seed size, each photo contains a millimeter ruler. The distance between increments is 1 mm.

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