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IPM1007, Revised May 2016

Weed Identification and Herbicide Injury Guide for Corn and Soybean

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Kevin Bradley
Division of Plant Sciences
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In corn and soybean cropping systems throughout the Midwest, weeds represent an economically significant threat to yield. The continued increase in the number of weed species developing herbicide resistance adds another level of complexity in management of these pests. This University of Missouri publication is a resource for identifying weeds and understanding herbicide injury to crops.  The first section of this guide provides photos and identification tips for 141 weed species found in Midwest agronomic production systems and includes seedling identification keys to aid in accurate and early identification of common broadleaf and grass weeds. The second section of this guide provides information on herbicide injury to crops, including introductions to herbicide resistance and the site-of-action groups, herbicide-injury diagnostic charts, and photos and descriptions of symptoms for herbicide-injured plants from 15 of the different herbicide site-of-action groups.



This manual was first published in 2001 under the title Practical Weed Science for the Field Scout: Corn and Soybean. The original authors were Bill Johnson, Fred Fishel and Reid Smeda of the University of Missouri. It was revised in 2007 and 2009 by Kevin Bradley and Reid Smeda of the University of Missouri, Bill Johnson of Purdue University, and Chris Boerboom of the University of Wisconsin.


IPM1007 Weed Identification and Herbicide Injury Guide for Corn and Soybean | University of Missouri Extension

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