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GH5933, Reviewed October 1993

Simple Home Repairs: Wood Porch Flooring

Department of Environmental Design

Wood porches are beautiful, but sometimes boards or planks break or splinter, making them unsafe. Using the following instructions, they can be repaired.

What You will need


The following procedures are based on tongue-and-groove flooring laid on a subfloor.

Removing square-edge flooring

If the flooring is of the square-edge type rather than tongue-and-groove, the boards need be marked and cut only at the ends. After the ends are cut, take the hammer and nail set and drive the nails completely through the boards of the area to be removed. Now apply the pry bar at one end of the cut boards, being careful not to damage the boards that are to remain.

Replacing the damaged flooring

Your benefits

The bounce and shakiness is removed from your porch; it is safer to walk on; and you can prevent later, more costly repairs.

The guide was reprinted from the United States Department of Agriculture publication, Program Aid number 1193, Extension Service.
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