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G7119, Revised October 2014

Quick Reference Insecticide Spray Guide: Soybean

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CoverMoneen M. Jones
Research Entomologist
Division of Plant Sciences
College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

This quick reference spray guide provides insecticide recommendations for the most common soybean pests in Missouri. These recommendations were current as of September 2014.

These recommendations may not be appropriate for conditions in other states and may not comply with other states’ laws and regulations. Please consult your local integrated pest management (i.e., spray) guide, which is available at most state extension offices.

Always read and follow directions on the pesticide label. 

The University of Missouri intends no endorsement of products named in this guide nor criticism of similar products that are not mentioned.



G7119 Quick Reference Insecticide Spray Guide: Soybean | University of Missouri Extension

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