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G6461, Reviewed April 2010

Growing Home Garden Tomatoes

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An older tomato variety

Figure 1
An older tomato variety. The fruit is large and good-flavored, but the seed cavities are large and fairly empty.


A newer, hybrid tomato

Figure 2
A newer, hybrid tomato. The fruit is meatier and the seed cavities are smaller with fewer seeds.


Blossom-end rot

Figure 3
Blossom-end rot is often intensified by high temperatures and low moisture.


Scalded tomatoes

Figure 4
Tomatoes scalded by the sun will turn yellow on the sides or tops.



Figure 5
The large green tomato hornworm is the most common insect pest of tomatoes.


Spider mites

Figure 6
Leaves infested with spider mites will become pale, as shown here.



Figure 7
Lower leaves on tomato plants attacked by early blight will spot and turn yellow.


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