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Latinos in Missouri: Gateway to a New Community

Proceedings of the 2004 annual conference
Including selected papers from 2003

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Cambio Center

Cambio de Colores as a yearly event aims to strengthen the networks of community organizers, extension professionals, academics, and public and private-sector institutions focused on communities that are changing as a result of newcomer settlements, seeking to facilitate the integration of Latinos in the Midwest.

The 2004 conference included discussions in five major areas:

This publication includes abstracts, as well as extended papers, on some of the topics discussed during the 2003 and 2004 Cambio de Colores conferences. Also included is a list of participants.

Session summaries and abstracts

Change and well-being


Youth, families and communities

  • Mechanisms of Acculturation for Hispanic Immigrants: Family-Planning Exchanges, Attachments, and Bridges
    Anne Dannerbeck, Marjorie Sable, and Jim Campbell
  • Disaster Preparedness Outreach for Hispanic Populations in Missouri
    Sherry F. Nelson
  • Central Campesino — Housing Migrant Workers
    Ann Ziebarth


  • Cultural Factors Affecting Reproductive Health Care Decisions of Hispanic Latina Women
    Ruthann M. Gagnon
  • Teaching Hispanic Couples the Creighton Model Fertility Care System to Achieve or Avoid Pregnancy Naturally: Experience for St. Louis and St. Charles Counties
    Patricia A Rapplean
  • Perceptions of Health Care Quality: Does Culture Matter?
    Christina Vasquez Case, Rex Campbell, Santosh Krishna, and E. Andrew Balas
  • Substance Abuse Treatment Admissions for Midwestern Hispanics: The 1992-2001 Treatment Episode Data Set
    James Topolski
  • Use of Preventive Health Care for Latinos in Southwest Missouri
    Suzanne Walker and Susan Dollar
  • Health Educational Interventions: Do They Work?
    Santosh Krishna, Christina Vasquez Case, and E. Andrew Balas
  • Medical Training, Changing Demographics, and Latino Health Care: The Case of St. Louis University School of Medicine
    Deborah Ayuste
  • Partnership to Improve Quality Care for Hispanic Seniors
    Maria E. Carpenas and Glenda Meachum-Cain
  • The CLAS Challenge: Implementing the CLAS Guidelines National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services in Health Care
    Kym Hemley
  • Working with an Interpreter
    Nicole Lopresti and Vicky Padilla

Civil rights

  • Understanding Consumer Rights: Recognizing and Preventing Consumer Fraud in Our Communities
    Laura Krasser



  • New Latino Farmers in the Midwest: The Case of Southern Michigan
    Juan Marinez and Victor Garcia
  • Livelihoods, Vulnerabilities, and Opportunities in Rural Missouri
    Pedro Dozi and Corinne Valdivia
  • Listening to Latino Business Owners
    Gwen Richtermeyer
  • The Effects of Increasing Hispanic Presence on Cultural and Educational Interaction in Monett , Mo.
    Jamaine Abidogun


  • Police-Latino Community Relations: Addressing Challenges in Rural Communities
  • Leigh Culver
  • Missouri 's Efforts to Confront Racial Profiling
  • James Klahr
  • Impact of the U.S. Immigration Law on the Latino Workforce
  • Mira Mdivani
  • Counterterrorism and the Latino Community Since Sept. 11
  • Michele Waslin
  • Ensuring the Health of Women and Children in the 21 st Century
  • Kay Libbus
  • Demographic and Census Trends of Latinos in the Kansas City Area
  • Steven L. Driever
  • Communities of Practice (2004 conference)

Maps and tables

  • Map 1
    Percent change in Latino population by county, 2002 to 2003
  • Map 2
    Percent change in Latinos working in meat processing by county, 2000 to 2003
  • Map 3
    Total number of Hispanic LEP students by county, 2003
  • Table 1
    Disparity indexes in selected Missouri counties


  • Immigration


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