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DM4002, New June 2011

Rules for Missouri Fire Protection Districts

Ballard Local Government Series

Patrick Cronan
First edition by John Ballard


The purpose of this manual is to help fire protection district officials understand and comply with the state’s requirements. It is, first and foremost, the work of the late John Ballard. This edition would not be possible without the original manual that John conceived and wrote. One mark of John’s authorship is his use of stories to teach. A number of his stories and examples are included here.

The effort to continue John’s work depends on many people. First, John’s family led the effort by making his work available to University of Missouri Extension. Patrick Cronan, attorney, significantly revised this fire protection district manual. In addition to updating sections outdated by the passage of time and legislation, Pat added important sections focusing on day-to-day activities that, while easily overlooked, are essential to successful fire protection district operation.

The Local Government Resource Group (LGRG) within the Community Development program of University of Missouri Extension devoted many hours to creating and reviewing this edition. The LGRG is led by Judith I. Stallmann, professor, community development extension, agricultural and applied economics, rural sociology and public affairs, University of Missouri-Columbia. Other LGRG members are Julianne Stone, director, Local Government Partnership, St. Louis (University of Missouri Extension, University of Missouri–St. Louis and East-West Gateway Council of Governments); and Tony DeLong, University of Missouri Extension. The late Eber Cude, community development and local government extension specialist, Pulaski County, and Ron Higginbotham, retired community development extension specialist, Boone County, also contributed to this manual.

Many others provided advice and comments that greatly improved the quality of the manual: Chief Gregory Brown, Eureka Fire Protection District; Chief Steve Paulsell, retired; Frank Vatterott, partner, Vatterrott, Harris, Devine, Kwentus, PC; and Darrell Kubinski, Mark Fancher, Robert Ishmael, Scott Huntington, Dave Ellzey and Ike Bonebrake of the Crocker Fire Protection District. We also thank MU Extension Publications, particularly George Laur, Victoria Knapp and Dennis Murphy. We express our deepest appreciation to all who contributed to this work. They provided the quality; any errors are ours alone.

We hope this effort is useful to those who make local government work. Readers should recognize that the topics covered in this manual can rapidly change due to court decisions and new federal and state legislation. The advice or recommendations contained herein may not, therefore, be completely up-to-date or accurate at all times. We recommend that districts engage legal counsel as needed in order to ensure that the planned actions are appropriate.

After the effective date of Missouri legislation each year (Aug. 28), fire protection district officials are urged to check the Missouri Legislature’s website to identify new laws affecting districts at

Some, but not all, changes that affect districts would likely be found online at

Missouri Sunshine Law changes would likely be found online at

Judith Stallmann
June 2011

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