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Northland Ethnic Festival celebrates the diverse cultural heritages of our community

4-H:  Family Fun Event     4-H:  Family Fun Event     4-H:  Family Fun Event

4-H Family Fun Event 2014

 Logo and theme

 "Platte  County 4-H –the Bridge to Success" is the theme for 2014-15.  Logos can be submitted until September 18th.  Voting will conclude on September 20 at Recognition Event. Front shoulder will have state of Missouri outline and Platte County above it and a clover. Design a logo for 1 color of ink for back of shirt; the web page address will  be added also.            Congratulations to Donna Taylor, Platte County Park Rangers who developed the theme.

Recognition Event

September 20th, starting at 2 pm at the Platte Resource Center.  First year member, Missouri Report Forms, Secretary books, volunteer leaders, club seals and awards, plus completion pins, plus voting for the logo make this a must attend event for all 4-H families.Clover shop opens at 12:45 pm, and again after the event. Use your Clover Points in exchange for items on display or via an auction.

Please Welcome

It is with pleaure and excitement that we announce a new horticulturist for the Platte County office.  Cory Creed is a recent graduate of Missouri State University with a degree in Plant Science.  He will be able to offer new and exciting programs to both our current and potential horticulture programs in Platte County.  Cory has had experience as a crop scout helping farmers understand potential problems with their crop yeild as well as working in an orchard at the State Farm Experimentation Center studying harmful insects.  We look forward to having Cory on-board here in Platte County.  His starting date is September 2, 2014.

Strategic Planning for the MINK Corridor

The MINK Corridor (Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas) encompasses rural areas along the Missouri River from below Omaha south to above Kansas City. Anyone with an interest who believes their community may have economic benefit is welcome to participate. Find more information here.

Mind Mapping from Extension Council

Platte County University of Missouri Extension Council looked at three educational themes developed for statewide programming in the next 2-3 years.    Please review and reply with your specific ideas or programs or locations or volunteer to work with council and staff to plan, develop and  implement.
MU Theme Area:   Educational  Attainment                     
  • Programs for 50+
  • Expand 4-H Conference on Global Careers to include K-12 schools around other areas than Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
  • Partnership with Higher Education to develop noncredit stackable classes that will lead to credit
  • Expand Character Council program to all county high schools
MU Theme area:  Environmental Concerns
  • Education on the economic and environmental value of a sustainable environment
  • Maintain and sustain ecosystems
Health Systems
  • Develop informational programs for seniors on benefits, health, finances resource package
  • Work with other agencies to develop health programs in underserved communities of Platte
  • Market existing programs like “field  to table or pantry’ or the value of eating, growing and preserving organic foods.

Northland Grandfamilies

If you or someone you know is a grandparent, aunt or uncle raising children, then the Northland Grandfamilies (PDF) program may be of interest to you.    Meet with others like you in general monthly support group meetings.