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Hatching Chicks in the Classroom

2019 Delivery Date:  March 25

Getting Started


Resources for lesson plans, experiments, etc.

  • 4-H Embryology:  a School Enrichment Program, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension in Lancaster County-Eggcellent Site!!  This site has a welath of resources, including a LIVE "4-H Egg-cam" where your students can watch the happenings of UNL's incubator in real-time.
  • Embryology in the Classroom, Pennsylvania State University
  • USDA Education and Outreach - lessons plans on Agriculture in General
  • University of Illinois Extension Embryology, Lesson Plans, Activites; Things to Do:  K-3, 4-6

Photos & movie clips

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

  • Candling Movie Clips:


Animal Health and Safety

Human Health and Safety