4-H welcomes all young people ages 5 to 18. For kids ages 5 to 7, there is a special 4-H program called the Clover Kids. Members attend camps, display their work at fairs, travel the world, host youth from other countries, attend meetings and much more. 4-H prepares youth for the future while making new friends and memories.

Joining a 4-H club in Pike County is as easy as contacting the Pike County Extension Office at (573) 324-5464 or pikeco@missouri.edu.


4-H Clubs

Busy Bee Hustlers 4-H Club meets on third Monday of the month at St. Clement Knights of Columbus Hall.

Calumet 4-H Club meets on first Tuesday of the month at Clopton School.

Hartford Go-Getters 4-H Club meets on second Thursday of the month at Ashley Community Center.

Peppy Circle 4-H Club meets on second Wednesday of the month at Curryville Presbyterian Church.

Pleasant Workers 4-H Club meets on second Monday of the month at Frankford Community Center..


4-H Happenings

A monthly newsletter for 4-H families and friends