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University of Missouri Educational Assistance
for Employees

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Educational Fee Reduction Policy for Spouses and Dependents

Under the University of Missouri Educational Assistance Program, 75 percent of the educational fee is waived for any eligible employee registering for:

  • Not more than six (6) credit hours of University of Missouri college-level credit courses per semester; three (3) credit hours in the summer session, with a maximum of 15 credit hours per academic year.

  • MU Extension faculty on semester study may receive educational assistance for 15 credit hours in a single semester. See MU Extension Semester Study Policy.

Activity fees, books and other expenses are the employee's responsibility.

In cases where the University of Missouri collaborates with other state institutions to offer a degree program, only those courses offered through the University of Missouri are eligible for educational assistance. Courses offered through other institutions, even when the degree is granted by the University of Missouri, are ineligible for educational assistance.

All University of Missouri employees classified at .75 FTE with an indicated appointment duration of at least six months and regularly scheduled to work a minimum average of 30 hours per week are eligible. Employees seeking educational assistance:

  • Shall receive credit for courses taken, provided they are within the regulations of the University of Missouri.

  • Will pay 25 percent of the normal educational fee when enrolling with the intention of receiving academic credit for course. Employees will pay the normal amount of all other fees. The educational fee is not required if the employee audits courses, except through the Center for Distance and Independent Study or MU Direct on their own or at the request of a department head.

  • Must file an application to enroll with the Director of Admissions and Registrar, meet student admission requirements and remain a University employee through the end of the courses in which enrolled.

Application Procedure
1. Before registering each semester, employees must submit a request using UM Form 84-1 (XSL file)   to the Regional Director, who, upon approval, will forward the form to Human Resource Services, 130 Heinkel Building, Columbia, MO 65211.

2. The Human Resource Services Office will review applications and forward approved forms to the cashier.

Faculty and staff enrolling in college classes are subject to the following conditions:

  1. If the course is part of the required job training procedure for the work to be done by the employee, the six-month employment requirement may be waived.

  1. Courses must be taken outside scheduled working hours. Alternatively, (a) an equivalent adjustment must be made in the employee’s work schedule to make up time away from work, (b) an equivalent adjustment must be made in the employee’s pay, or (c) the time away from work must be deducted from the employee’s vacation.

  1. When an employee is requested by the supervisor to enroll in courses directly related to assigned University responsibilities, the time away from work to attend classes shall be considered part of the regular work schedule. Class attendance shall not take priority over the work to be performed, except as outlined above.

Educational Assistance and Retired Employees
Provided class space is available, all incidental and student activity fees are waived for retired employees for any credit course, except those offered through the Center for Distance and Independent Study and MU Direct. For additional information, contact Human Resource Services, 130 Heinkel Building, Columbia, MO 65211; or any campus benefits office.

Educational Assistance Forms
UM Form 84-1--Authorization for Educational Assistance (XSL file) may be downloaded and completed online. Regional employees should send signed forms to their regional director,  who, upon approval, will forward the form to Human Resource Services, 130 Heinkel Building, Columbia, MO 65211.  See below note regarding use of this form.

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Julie Middleton
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Updated: 12/21/2011