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SX1013, Profitable Poultry: Raising Birds on Pasture

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Profitable Poultry: Raising Birds on Pasture

Editor's note
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This publication features farmer experiences plus the latest research in a new "how-to" guide to raising chickens and turkeys using pens, movable fencing and pastures. A Kentucky family nets between 90 cents and $1.50 per pound from Louisville customers for birds raised on pasture. A New Mexico producer who rotates birds across his property year-round has seen drastic improvements to his desert soil. And a Wyoming producer was able to quit a full-time, off-the-farm job to stay home and raise pastured poultry with help from her school-age kids. With those examples and more from around the country, the bulletin touches on the system's many opportunities to improve profits, environment and rural family life. With a page of additional, expert resources, the bulletin offers a jumping-off point for new producers.

Sustainable Agriculture Network Sustainable agriculture refers to an agricultural production and distribution system that:

  • Achieves the integration of natural biological cycles and controls,
  • Protects and renews soil fertility and the natural resource base,
  • Optimizes the management and use of on-farm resources,
  • Reduces the use of nonrenewable resources and purchased production inputs,
  • Provides an adequate and dependable farm income,
  • Promotes opportunity in family farming and farm communities, and
  • Minimizes adverse impacts on health, safety, wildlife, water quality and the environment.


  • Original ideas for marketing poultry products


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