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NRAES99, Silage: Field to Feedbunk

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Silage: Field to Feedbunk

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Northeast Region Agricultural Engineering Service

This is the proceedings from the Silage: Field to Feedbunk conference, held Feb. 11 to 13, 1997 in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Included are 36 papers divided into eight categories. The proceedings will be of interest to a diverse group of industry and agricultural professionals, including silage producers and users; extension and university educators; crop consultants; producer advisers and consultants; feed, seed, and equipment sales representatives; agronomists; plant breeders; animal scientists; agricultural engineers; soil and water conservation district personnel; nutritionists; veterinarians; IPM professionals; and analytical laboratory staff.


  • Plant and field issues
  • Harvesting a high-quality silage
  • Storage methods
  • Additives management
  • Mycotoxins and spoilage
  • Quality evaluation
  • Feeding, and silage system management


  • 464


NRAES99 Silage: Field to Feedbunk | University of Missouri Extension