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NRAES147, Waterborne Pathogens in Agricultural Watersheds

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Waterborne Pathogens in Agricultural Watersheds

Editor's note
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Northeast Region Agricultural Engineering Service

This publication introduces waterborne pathogens, the disease-causing organisms that contaminate water. This book will be of interest to soil and water conservation district personnel, nutrient management consultants, environmental regulators, farmer advisors, and cooperative extension specialists. Waterborne Pathogens in Agricultural Watersheds represents a proactive approach for reducing overall pathogen loading within a watershed. The viability of organisms in an agricultural setting is discussed, along with relevant management practices for controlling waterborne pathogens at their source. Harmful algal blooms are also addressed, although these organisms do not fall neatly into the category of pathogen. While foodborne pathogens are not specifically described in this publication, the pathogens that are described may contaminate both food and water.


  • Escherichia coli
  • Cryptosporidium parvum
  • Giardia species
  • Indicator bacteria
  • Monitor
  • Water quality


  • 62


NRAES147 Waterborne Pathogens in Agricultural Watersheds | University of Missouri Extension