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Poultry Waste Management Handbook

Editor's note
The following abstract describes a publication that is only available for purchase. A link to ordering information is on this page.

Northeast Region Agricultural Engineering Service

The Poultry Waste Management Handbook covers all aspects of solid, semi-solid, and liquid poultry waste management — from manure production to utilization. This publication will be a valuable resource for producers, cooperative extension educators, manure management consultants, regulatory agencies, and soil and water conservation district staff.

The Poultry Waste Management Handbook discusses the following topics: manure production and characteristics, environmental regulations and hazards, and poultry housing and waste management.

A chapter on nutrient management explains the steps involved in developing a nutrient management plan and contains worksheets for estimating nitrogen availability and application rates. A chapter on application equipment reviews equations and procedures for calibrating various types of equipment. Forty-three illustrations and 14 tables supplement the text.


  • Manure storage
  • Poultry house
  • Solids systems
  • Liquid, slurry
  • Semi-solid systems
  • Waste treatment and utilization
  • Composting
  • Anaerobic lagoons
  • Aerobic digestion
  • Direct incineration
  • Dead bird management
  • Rendering, composting
  • Alternative uses for manure


  • 72


NRAES132 Poultry Waste Management Handbook | University of Missouri Extension