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NCR148, Irrigation Crop-Share and Cash Rental Arrangements for Your Farm

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Irrigation Crop Share and Cash Rental Arrangements for Your Farm

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North Central Regional Publication
Originally published by Kansas State University

The kind of rental arrangements for irrigated land vary widely in each locality and from one farming area to another. The land may vary from undeveloped land to land leveled for flood irrigation. Additionally, the landlord may own the well, pump, gearhead and system or any combination of these items. Thus, each irrigation lease should be different depending on the quality and quantity of the various items contributing to production. Traditional dryland leases are of little help when determining fair and equitable irrigation arrangements.

The purpose of this publication is to help tenants and landlords make sound decisions and develop fair crop share or cash rental irrigation arrangements.


  • Lease
  • Irrigation crop share arrangement
  • Establish cash irrigation rental rates
  • Buildings
  • Dryland
  • Pasture
  • Leasing irrigated land
  • Developing written agreement
  • Sample lease form.


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NCR148 Irrigation Crop-Share and Cash Rental Arrangements for Your Farm | University of Missouri Extension