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Cow-Calf Production in the U.S. Corn Belt

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This handbook is intended for cow-calf operations in the Corn Belt, but includes topics that are directly applicable to the rest of the U.S.


  • Farmstead Planning; including Utilities, Water and Water Systems
  • Fences and Gates; Lots and Housing
  • Dealing with Harsh Environments
  • Handling Facilities
  • Manure Management
  • Feeds and Feed Storage
  • Forage Management
  • Body Condition Score and Reproduction
  • Nutritional Management
  • Breeding Programs
  • Calving Management
  • Herd Health
  • Non-ambulatory (Downer) Animals, Euthanasia, and Proper Disposal
  • Arthropod and Vertebrate Pests; Predators
  • Beef Operation, Safety, and Health
  • Value Added Marketing
  • Cow Herd Management Calendar


  • 272

MWPS66 Cow-Calf Production in the U.S. Corn Belt | University of Missouri Extension