New January 1997

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MWPS41, Swine Nursery Facilities Handbook

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Swine Nursery Facilities Handbook

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MidWest Plan Service

Housing and management options, building layout and equipment, manure handling systems, environmental control systems, utilities, and safety all are covered in this handbook.

More than 50 drawings and photographs of building layouts and equipment — including configurations for manure handling systems and designs for environmental control systems — complement description. Incorporated into the text are 16 tables on subjects such as recommended pen space, mechanical ventilating, and air exchange rates for nursery pigs. Eight examples teach how to determine facility needs related to room size, ventilation, and light.


  • Hog
  • Pig
  • Space use guidelines
  • Layout alternatives
  • Construction techniques


  • 72

MWPS41 Swine Nursery Facilities Handbook | University of Missouri Extension