New September 2005

MP744, Discover the Mississippi River Hills

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    Discover the Mississippi River Hills

    Editor's note
    The first edition of this map is sold out. For now please use the links from this page to discover the Mississippi River Hills.

    Discover the Mississippi River HillsElizabeth Barham
    Missouri Regional Cuisines Project

    This map is your guide to the foods, wines, agricultural products and cultural attractions of a distinctive "ecoregion" of Missouri — the Mississippi River Hills — shown here in dark green. The map grows out of the Missouri Regional Cuisines Project, a collaborative effort centered at MU to promote Missouri wine and food products by highlighting their unique regional attributes.

    With this map you can explore the historic, cultural and environmental attractions of this region of gently rolling hills along the Mississippi and the county lands that surround it. You will find locally owned restaurants, cafes and inns where you can savor small-town and rural hospitality. You can visit farms, wineries and markets to sample and support local products. You will see state parks and conservation areas perfect for a day trip or an extended getaway. However long you can stay, you will be surprised by the variety of what you discover throughout the six counties that include the Mississippi River Hills.

    Local businesses promoted on the map (PDF)

    The Mississippi River Hills area is one of several distinctive Missouri regions and the first to be mapped for your convenience. The Missouri Regional Cuisines Project and its partners who have made this map possible invite your comments and encourage you to explore the natural and cultural resources of Missouri.

    Missouri Regional Cuisines Project

    Much as European wine and specialty foods are identified by appellation — the name of their region of origin — the Missouri Regional Cuisines Project is intended to help you recognize and enjoy distinctive products that reflect the rich cultural heritage and diverse ecological regions in Missouri.

    MP744 Discover the Mississippi River Hills | University of Missouri Extension