Reviewed October 1993

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MP667, Bed and Breakfast, Is It the Right Business for You?

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Bed and Breakfasts: Is This the Right Business for You?

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Wanda Eubank
Department of Environmental Design

Considering a bed and breakfast? Learn tips from other bed and breakfast owners in Missouri through this booklet. It is written in a question/answer format, with different B&B owners giving their opinions on matters such as: Is my home suitable? and "Will my family like it?"

Interesting advice and observations come forward. Several hints about operating a bed and breakfast can be found, such as types of B&Bs that meet special visitor needs. The business aspects of ordinances, permits and marketing are included in the discussions as well.

Beautiful detailed sketches of Missouri bed and breakfasts give a feel for the existing options open to Missouri travelers. Several sources for additional information are also included. All can be used to form plans for beginning a bed and breakfast.


  • Advertising strategies
  • Health regulations for bed and breakfasts
  • Host homes
  • Hosting a bed and breakfast


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MP667 Bed and Breakfast, Is It the Right Business for You? | University of Missouri Extension