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New January 2005

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Missouri Weed Seeds

Poaceae (Grass family)

Grass and grasslike plant family

About 270 species of true grasses are found in the state. Many species are economically important, including corn, wheat, sorghum, rye, fescue, oats, rice, barley and various millets.

Echinochloa crus-galli

Bluegrass, annualBluegrass, annual
Poa annua

Brome, downyBrome, downy
Bromus tectorum

Brome, JapaneseBrome, Japanese
Bromus japonicus

Andropogon virginicus

Canarygrass, reedCanarygrass, reed
Phalaris arundinacea

Bromus secalinus

Crabgrass, largeCrabgrass, large
Digitaria sanguinalis

Crabgrass, smoothCrabgrass, smooth
Digitaria ischaemum

Cupgrass, woollyCupgrass, woolly
Eriochloa villosa

Sporobulus asper

Fountaingrass, crimsonFountaingrass, crimson
Pennisetum ruppelii

Foxtail, bristlyFoxtail, bristly
Setaria verticillata

Foxtail, giantFoxtail, giant
Setaria faberi

FoxtailgreenFoxtail, green
Setaria viridis

FoxtailyellowFoxtail, yellow
Setaria glauca

Goatgrass, jointedGoatgrass, jointed
Aegilops cylindrica

Eleusine indica

Indiangrass, yellowIndiangrass, yellow
Sorghastrum nutans

Sorghum halepense

Lovegrass, purpleLovegrass, purple
Eragrostis spectabilis

Mannagrass, fowlMannagrass, fowl
Glyceria striata

Millet, foxtailMillet, foxtail
Setaria italica

Oat, wildOat, wild
Avena fatua

Panicum, fallPanicum, fall
Panicum dichotomiflorum

Paspalum, fieldPaspalum, field
Paspalum laeve

Paspalum, hairyseedPaspalum, hairyseed
Paspalum pubiflorum

Paspalum, thinPaspalum, thin
Paspalum setaceum

Tridens flavus

Elytrigia repens

Sandbur, longspineSandbur, longspine
Cenchrus longispinus

Sorghum bicolor

Eragrostis cilianensis

Panicum virgatum

Threeawn, prairieThreeawn, prairie
Aristida oligantha

Phleum pratense

Tridens, longspikeTridens, longspike
Tridens strictus

Windmillgrass, tumbleWindmillgrass, tumble
Chloris verticillata

Panicum capillare

For an idea of relative seed size, each photo contains a millimeter ruler. The distance between increments is 1 mm.

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