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Vegetable Planting Calendar

Table 2
Recommended vegetable varieties and planting dates

Vegetable Variety Comments Dates to plant
South Missouri Central Missouri North Missouri
  Jersey General Buy 1-year-old crowns (may sow seed and grow plants); do not harvest the same year crowns are planted; harvest lightly second and third years 3/15–4/5 4/1–20 4/5–25
Jersey Giant
Jersey Knight
Jersey King
Jersey Supreme
Snap, bush Contender Mosaic-resistant, heat-tolerant, high yields 4/5–5/10
Provider Mosaic-resistant, white-seeded, early
Derby Mosaic-resistant, early high yield
Strike Mosaic-resistant
Tema Concentrated set straight and slender pods, high yields
Tendercrop Mosaic-resistant, dark green, tender pods
Top Crop Mosaic-resistant, stringless, high yields
Purple Queen Purple pods turn green when cooked
Snap, pole Kentucky Wonder Standard pole bean with distinctive flavor 4/20–5/15 5/1–20 5/10–20
Blue Lake Good eating quality
Romano Large, flat pod, distinctive flavor
Half-runner types Mountaineer Good yield, light green pods 4/15–5/10
State Pods slightly curved, some drought tolerance
Striped Vigorous, can be interplanted with corn
Wax, bush Cherokee Wax Vigorous, productive and dependable 4/5–5/10
Gold Crop Excellent quality
Slenderwax Good yield, heat-tolerant, white seed, mosaic-resistant
Gold Min Good yields
Gold Rush Good yields
Eureka Good yields
Lima, bush Burpee Improved Good yields, 3–5 beans per pod 4/25–5/20 515–25 5/10–25
Henderson Bush Popular baby lima
Fordhook 242 Reliable, large-seeded lima; sets pods in hot weather
Lima, pole King of the Garden Large-seeded lima, good quality 5/1–15 5/10–15 5/15–25
Speckled Christmas Large, speckled, full flavor
Italian, bush Roma II Bush version of Romano 4/15–5/15 5/1–20 5/10–25
Dry (shelled) Dwarf Horticultural Small, dry, white bean 4/25–5/15 5/5–20 5/10–25
Red Kidney Red, kidney-shaped
  Detroit Dark Red Standard table beet, excellent quality 3/1–25
Ruby Queen Globe shape, uniform dark red, fine-textured interior
Crosby Greentop Bright green tops for bunching
Red Ace Heat-tolerant, high sugar content
Early Wonder Early flattened globe, dark red interior with some zoning
Chioggia Light red roots with red and white zones
Cylindra Dark red, cylinder-like shape
Golden Detroit Bright golden root, does not “bleed” like red beet
Broccoli (plants)
  Premium Crop Midseason, large center heads, few side shoots 3/10–30
Diplomat High blue-green domed heads, good heat tolerance
Green Come Early, excellent center heads and large side shoots
Emperor Early to midseason, few side shoots
Packman Early, large heads, few side shoots
Green Valiant Midseason small beads, firm head
Goliath Midseason, large tight heads
Marathon Mid- to late season; excellent quality
Brussell sprouts (plants)
  Jade Cross Hybrid Early, good quality 3/10–30
Royal Marvel Productive, 1 to 1.25-inch sprouts, tolerant to tip burn
Franklin Late, 1.5-inch sprouts, good flavor
Cabbage (plants)
  Golden Acre Early, excellent quality 3/5–4/5
Stonehead Small, solid head, resists splitting
Bravo Mid to late season, excellent quality
Savoy Ace Good quality savoy type
Head Start Early, medium-sized head
Conquest Midseason, medium-sized head
Gourmet Midseason, medium-large head
Cheers Late season, large head
Red Acre Dark red, firm head
Copenhagen Market Midseason, firm heads resist splitting
  Scarlet Nantes  Tapered roots to 7 inches, small core, good flavor 3/5–25
Red Core Chantenay Blocky roots, adapted to heavy soil
Ingot Bright orange root to 8 inches, good flavor
Little Fingers Baby carrot, harvest at 3–4 inches
Atomic Red Bright red tapered roots, high in lycopene
Bolero Excellent for fall carrots
Cauliflower (plants)
  Snow Crown Early, good for spring and fall, excellent quality, popular 3/5–4/5
Fremont Early to midseason, good self-wrap growth habit
Snow Ball Uniform, vigorous, erect outer leaves—tie to blanch
White Sails Midseason, internal black speck-resistant/tolerant
Silver Streak Late, for fall harvest
Chinese cabbage
  Jade Pagoda   Early spring (plants), fall planting 3/5–4/5 3/20–4/20 4/1–20
Sumiko 50-day compact Napa type
  Georgia Used for cooking greens 3/10–30 3/15–4/10 3/20–4/10
Vates Used for cooking greens
Blue Max Blue-green leaves
Hi Crop Blue-green leaves
Corn, sweet (Isolate all sweet corn 250 feet or 14 days in maturity from field corn; SH2 and augmented supersweet also should be isolated from other sweet corn.)
Yellow, sugar-enhanced (SE) Incredible Midseason, excellent quality, very popular 4/15–8/15 4/25–8/1 5/1–7/20
Bodacious Midseason, excellent quality
Legend Early
Sweet Riser Early
Tuxedo Midseason
Sugar Ace Midseason
Bicolor, sugar-enhanced (SE) Ambrosia Midseason, bicolor form of Bodacious 4/15–8/15 4/25–8/1 5/1–7/20
Delectable Midseason, bicolor form of Incredible
Peaches and Cream Midseason, excellent quality, tender kernels
Trinity Early, good early vigor in cool soil
Sweet Chorus Early, good germination in cool soil
Jackpot Midseason, sweet and tender kernels
Lancelot Midseason, good quality
White, sugar-enhanced (SE) Argent Midseason, white version of Incredible 4/15–8/15 4/25–8/1 5/1–7/20
Silver Queen Midseason, very popular white
Sweet Ice Early to midseason, good early vigor in cool soil
Silver King Midseason, superb eating quality
Yellow, supersweet (SH2) SH2 cultivars do not germinate well in cool soil Illini Extra Sweet Midseason, original supersweet corn, popular 4/15–8/15 4/25–8/1 5/1–7/20
Extra Early Supersweet Popular early supersweet
Zenith Midseason, good tip cover, productive
Bicolor, supersweet (SH2) SH2 cultivars do not germinate well in cool soil Candy Corner Midseason, good yields 4/15–8/15 4/25–8/1 5/1–7/20
Awesome Midseason, good yields
Sweet Surprise Midseason
Bueno Midseason, germinates in cool soil
Obsession Midseason, good tip cover
White, supersweet (SH2) SH2 cultivars do not germinate well in cool soil Ice Queen Midseason, good seed emergence 4/15–8/15 4/25–8/1 5/1–7/20
Yellow, synergistic (SG) Applause Midseason, synergistic form of Bodacious 4/15–8/15 4/25–8/1 5/1–7/20
Honey Select Midseason, exceptional flavor and sweetness
Bicolor, synergistic (SG) Providence Midseason, superb eating quality 4/15–8/15 4/25–8/1 5/1–7/20
Cameo Midseason, synergistic form of Delectable
Pay Dirt Early, sweet and tender kernels
White, synergistic (SG) Celestial Midseason, synergistic form of Argent 4/15–8/15 4/25–8/1 5/1–7/20
Yellow, augmented supersweet (SHQ) Vision Midseason, exceptional eating quality 4/15–8/15 4/25–8/1 5/1–7/20
Mirai 002 Midseason, excellent quality, tender kernels
Bicolor, augmented supersweet (SHQ) Mirai 301BC Midseason, extremely sweet, tender kernels 4/15–8/15 4/25–8/1 5/1–7/20
White, augmented supersweet (SHQ) Sweet Ice Midseason, strong plants 4/15–8/15 4/25–8/1 5/1–7/20
Slicing Sweet Slice Midseason, sweet, burpless, popular 4/25–5/30 5/5–30 5/10–30
Dasher II Early, dark green, concentrated set
Sweet Success Midseason, sets fruit without pollination
General Lee Midseason, sets fruit without pollination, productive
Speedway Very early version of Dasher II
Burpless 26 Midseason, smooth, long fruit
Pickles Boston Pickling Midseason, vigorous, longtime favorite 4/25–5/30 5/5–30 5/10–30
Francipak Early to midseason, medium-large plant
Eureka Midseason, vigorous, good yields, white spines
Bush types Bush Pickle Concentrated set 4/25–5/30 5/5–30 5/10–30
Little Leaf (H-19) Compact vine
Salad Bush Slicing type
Eggplant (plants)
  Dusky Extra-early, elongated fruit 5/1–20 5/10–25 5/15–25
Black Bell Early, compact plants, tobacco mosaic virus–resistant
Black Beauty Midseason, deep purple, high yields
Classic Early, dark purple elongated fruit, high yields
White Star Late, tapered white fruit, less bitter than purple types
Ichiban Early, long, slender, “oriental” type
Rosita Midseason, lavender, long, cylindrical
  Green Curled Deeply cut leaf margins, green ribs 3/15–4/5 3/25–4/15 4/1–15
Full Heart Batavian Also known as escarole, buttery texture
  Blue Armor Early, deep blue-green leaves heavily curled and fringed 3/10–30 3/20–4/5 3/25–4/5
Blue Knight Early, deep blue-green leaves, curled, high yields
Dwarf Curled Scotch Early, compact, hardy, blue-green leaves, finely curled
Dwarf Siberian Early, very hardy, blue-green leaves not curled
  Grand Duke Hybrid Use when 2–2.5 inches in diameter 3/15–4/5
Eder Early, high yields
Loose Leaf Black Seeded Simpson Excellent quality, dependable, longtime favorite 3/10–5/1
Tango Excellent for early spring
Salad Bowl Heat-tolerant, good quality, dependable
New Red Fire Intense red color
Oakleaf Superior heat tolerance, loose outer leaves
Ruby Red Very colorful, compact plant
Butterhead   Buttercrunch Improved Bibb type, bolts more slowly in heat 3/10–4/20
Sangria Red butterhead type, resists bolting
Esmeralda Bright green, semiheading, good quality, disease-resistant
Romaine Jericho Heat-tolerant, good quality 3/10–4/20 3/15–4/20 4/1–4/20
Red Romaine Broad, flat leaves, red
Parris Island Sweet crisp leaves, 10–12 inches tall
Head Great Lakes Medium-sized heads, bright green, slow to bolt 3/10–25 3/20–4/25 3/25–4/5
Summertime Solid head, heat-tolerant, rarely becomes bitter
Cantalope (muskmelon)
  Athena Moderate net, oval shape, early to midseason 4/20–5/15 5/1–20 5/10–20
Aphrodite Earlier than Athena, good netting, excellent quality
Eclipse Heavy net, round shape, midseason
Burpee Hybrid Large fruit, productive
Saticoy Very good quality
Ambrosia Peach-colored flesh, sweet
Passport Early, green-fleshed Galia type, very sweet
Earl-Dew Green-fleshed honeydew type
Lambkin Green-fleshed Piel de Sapo type
  Green Wave Excellent quality, slow to bolt, medium green 3/10–5/1
Savana Early maturing hybrid, smooth leaves
Southern Giant Curled Curly leaf, heat-tolerant
Tendergreen Large, smooth leaf
  Clemson Spineless Dark green, longtime favorite 4/20–5/10 5/1–5/25 5/10–25
Annie Oakley II Hybrid
Lee Long spineless pods on dwarf plants
Sets or plants Candy Early, large Spanish type, sweet and mild, popular 3/10–30 3/15–4/15 3/25–4/15
Yellow Sweet Spanish Midseason, large globe, mild flavor
White Sweet Spanish Late, mild flesh, stores well
Copra Midseason, yellow globe, stores well
Giant Red Hamburger Early, red skin, popular red
Texas Supersweet Large globe, light yellow skin, mild
Walla Walla Large globe, very sweet, does not store well
Green Beltsville Bunching  
  Moss Curled Seed slow to germinate, finely cut leaves 3/20–4/10 4/1–20 4/10–20
Forest Green Dark green, semicurled leaves
Dark Moss Curled Curly leaf
Perfection Flat leaf
  All America Large, tapered roots 3/20–4/10 4/1–20 4/10–20
Hollow Crown Seed slow to germinate
  Spanish Small, sweet, early 4/25–5/15 5/5–25 5/10–20
Jumbo Virginia Large, rich flavor
English (shell peas) Little Marvel Early, small plants but productive, popular 3/1–30 3/15–4/10 3/25–4/10
Green Arrow Midseason, high yields, disease-resistant
Spring Early, 3-inch pods
Bolero Midseason, good yields
Green Arrow Midseason, good yields
Lincoln Midseason, excellent quality
Snap peas (edible-podded) Sugar Snap Midseason, 3-inch pods, tall vines 3/1–30 3/15–4/10 3/25–4/10
Sugar Ann Early, dwarf version of Sugar Snap
Sugar Sprint Early, good yields, high-quality
Cascadia Early, dwarf vine, good disease resistance
Cowpea Mississippi Silver Early maturing, brown Crowder, use green or dry 4/15–30 4/25–5/15 5/1–15
Pink Eye Purple Hull Bushy, vining to semivining plant, white with purple eye
Pepper (plants)
Sweet (bell) Revolution Midseason, extra-large fruit mature to dark red 5/1–25 5/10–30 5/15–30
King Arthur Midseason, fruit mature to bright red, good yields
Yolo Wonder Midseason, thick-walled fruit mature to red, popular
Big Bertha Midseason, very large fruit mature to red
Purple Beauty Midseason, compact plant, purple fruit
Aristotle Midseason, large, thick-walled fruit mature to red
Hot Hungarian Wax Midseason, yellow, banana-shaped fruit, mildly hot 5/1–25 5/10–30 5/15–30
Jalapeno Midseason, green fruit mature to red, hot
Habanero Late, green fruit mature to orange, extremely hot
Long Red Cayenne Midseason, long, slender red fruit, hot
Scotch Bonnet Late, unique round fruit, extremely hot
Anaheim Chili Midseason, long tapered fruit, mildly hot
Potato, Irish
White skin Irish Cobbler Early, white skin and flesh, longtime favorite 3/10–30 3/20–4/10 4/1–15
Kennebec Late, excellent, resistant to late blight, skins easily
Red skin Red Norland Very early, smooth, shallow eyes, resistant to scab 3/10–30 3/20–4/10 4/1–15
Redsen Early, attractive red, round, smooth potato
Red Pontiac Late, good quality and yield
Russet skin Norgold Russet Best russet, yield and quality good 3/10–30 3/20–4/10 4/1–15
Russet Norkotah Early, good appearance with good baking quality
Miniature fruit Jack-Be-Little Deep orange, 3- to 4-inch fruit, 2–3 oz. 5/1–15 5/15–25 5/20–30
Baby Boo White version of Jack-Be-Little
Hooligan Bicolor version of Jack-Be-Little
Small-to-medium fruit Baby Bear Deep orange, 1.5–2.5 lb., good yields 5/1–15 5/15–25 5/20–30
Prankster Deep orange, 3 lb., ideal for painting
Spooktacular Deep orange, smooth, 3–4 lb., good yields
Lumina White skin, orange flesh, 10–15 lb.
Small Sugar Bright orange, 8-inch fruit, one of the best for pies
Mystic Plus Deep orange, semibush vine, 5–10 lb., mildew-resistant
Medium-to-large fruit Gold Rush Deep gold, good handle, good yields, 35–40 lb. 5/1–15 5/15–25 5/20–30
Magic Lantern Dark orange, mildew-resistant, 16–24 lb.
Gold Medallion Deep orange, good handle, 40+ lb.
Gold Medal Orange, 4-inch handle, keeps well, 20–35 lb.
Gladiator Golden orange, mildew-resistant, 20–30 lb.
Solid gold Deep orange/gold, good handles, 25 lb.
Very large fruit Prize Winner Bright reddish-orange, oblong fruit, up to 150 lb. 5/1–15 5/15–25 5/20–30
Atlantic Giant Pale orange color, oblong, extremely large, 200+ lb.
Big Max Pinkish orange color, oval fruit, up to 100 lb.
  Cherry Belle Small, globular, uniform, scarlet root 3/10–5/10
Champion Large, globular, mild
Easter Egg Novelty, purple, pink, red, white
Comet Red root, firm, crisp interior
White Icicle Slender, tapering root, white exterior and interior
Rhubarb (crowns)
  Canada Red Stalks dark red throughout, vigorous, popular 3/15–30 4/1–20 4/10–25
McDonald Upright, stalks moderate red, tender
Valentine Produces fewer seed stalks than McDonald
Victoria Stalks red, lighter than Canada Red
  Bloomsdale Long Standing Thick, crumpled (savoy), dark green leaves, spring only 3/10–5/1
Melody Round, thick leaves, excellent quality
Tyee Semisavoy, excellent quality, heat-tolerant, spring or fall
Avon Semisavoy, mildew-resistant, spring or fall
Summer, zucchini Ambassador Dark green fruit, open plant habit, very productive 5/1–30 5/10–30 5/15–30
Revenue Medium green fruit, bush plant
Dividend Medium green fruit, pen plant habit
Spineless Beauty Medium green fruit, good for late plantings
Goldfinger Golden yellow fruit
Summer, yellow straightneck Multipik Early, yellow, good quality, high yields 5/1–30 5/10–30 5/15–30
General Patton Yellow, medium-sized plants, productive
Monet Vigorous, exceptional quality, good yields
Summer, yellow crookneck Golden Crookneck Early, high yields, small seed cavity, popular 5/1–30 5/10–30 5/15–30
Dixie Lemon yellow, highly curved fruit
Prelude II Good resistance to powdery mildew and certain viruses
Summer, patty pan types Sunburst Dark lemon-yellow fruit 5/1–30 5/10–30 5/15–30
Scallopini Dark green fruit
Peter Pan Lime green fruit
Winter, acorn Table Ace Black-green skin, smooth texture, very productive 5/1–30 5/10–30 5/15–30
TayBelle Black-green skin, semibush, good disease resistance
Table Queen Green skin, good quality interior, good keeper
Winter, butternut Butternut Supreme Buff-colored skin, pale orange flesh, block fruit with thick neck, good quality 5/1–30 5/10–30 5/15–30
Zenith Orange flesh, good quality
Waltham Large fruit, good flavor, free of crooked necks
Early Butternut Early, buff-colored fruit, compact vines, good quality
Butterboy Buff-colored skin, reddish-orange flesh, good flavor, productive
Winter, buttercup Buttercup Burgess Dark green skin, turban shape, excellent quality 5/1–30 5/10–30 5/15–30
Autumn Cup Dark green skin, compact plant, excellent quality
Winter, hubbard Blue Hubbard Blue-gray skin, football-shaped, fine-textured flesh 5/1–30 5/10–30 5/15–30
Winter, spaghetti Vegetable Spaghetti Yellow skin, vining, 3–4 lb fruit, productive, stores well 5/1–30 5/10–30 5/15–30
Tivoli Light yellow skin, semibush, good for small gardens
Sweet potato (plants)
  Centennial Orange skin and flesh, very popular 5/1–6/15 5/10–6/10 5/15–6/5
Beauregard Light red skin, orange flesh, high yields, early
Georgia Jet Red skin, orange flesh, early
Jewel Orange flesh, early
Swiss chard
  Bright Lights Variety of stem colors, mild flavor 3/15–5/15 4/1–5/30 4/15–5/20
Lucullus Light green, moderately crumpled leaves
Rhubarb Chard Crumpled, dark green leaves, red stem
Tomato (plants)
Indeterminate growth habit

See disease resistance key
Beefmaster (VFN) 80 days, large beefsteak type 4/20–5/10 5/10–20 5/15–30
Better Boy (VFN) 70 days, medium-large fruit, popular
Big Beef (VFFNT) 73 days, large fruit, good quality
Early Girl (VF) 52 days, very early, medium-sized fruit
Jet Star (VF) 70 days, productive, low acid
Pink Girl (VFFN) 76 days, pink fruit, good quality
Supersweet 100 (VF) 65 days, cherry tomato, very sweet
Determinate growth habit

See disease resistance key
Carolina Gold (VFF) 73 days, golden yellow fruit 4/20–5/10 5/10–20 5/15–30
Celebrity (AVFFNTSt) 70 days, medium-sized fruit, good flavor
Florida 91 (VFF) 80 days, high yeilds
Mountain Fresh Plus (VFFN) 77 days, good cracking resistance
Patio (F) 70 days, small, good for containers
Red Bounty (VFFNTSt) 76 days, good quality and yields
Scarlet Red (AVFFSt) 75 days, very large fruit
  Purple Top White Globe Standard variety for root and greens 3/10–5/1
Just Right Hybrid Flattened globe shape, all white
Royal Crown Vigorous for root or greens
Seven Top Good for greens, root is not edible
All Top High greens producer, does not produce roots
Seeded Crimson Sweet Green, striped, blocky round, 20–30 lb., very popular 4/20–5/15 5/1–20 5/10–20
Carmen Green, striped, blocky round, 15–20 lb.
Jade Star Dark green, “ice box” type, small oval, 6–10 lb.
Regency Dark green, striped, blocky oblong, 18–22 lb.
Royal Sweet Light green, striped, blocky oval, 20–25 lb.
Sangria Dark green, striped, long blocky oval, 20–26 lb.
Seedless (triploid) Gypsy Green, dark green striped, oval, 13–17 lb. 4/20–5/15 5/1–20 5/10–20
Cooperstown Green, striped, blocky round, 16–22 lb.
Genesis Dark green, striped, round shape, 15–18 lb.
Millionaire Light green striped, oblong, 13–20 lb.
SummerSweet 5244 Light green, striped, round oval, 16–20 lb.
Tri-X-313 Dark green, striped, oval, 15–20 lb.

Tomato plant disease resistance (in parentheses)

  • A = Alternaria stem  canker
  • F = Fusarium wilt (race 1)
  • FF = Fusarium wilt (races 1 and 2)
  • N = Nematodes
  • St = Gray leaf spot
  • T = Tobacco mosaic virus
  • V = Verticillium wilt
Original authors
A.E. Gaus and R.R. Rothenberger, Department of Horticulture

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