Reviewed October 1993

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EC936, Getting Started in Farming: Mostly on Your Own

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Getting Started in Farming: Mostly on Your Own

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North Central Regional Publication

This publication considers the skills, characteristics and capital required to get started in farming. A personal and resource assessment help identify personal desires, qualifications and resources. Tables and text outline capital requirement for various types of farms as well as the options for young farmers. This publication also covers fundamental guidelines every new farmer should follow, as well as how to develop a business plan. At the end, three different plans are illustrated.

This publication was published in the early 1970s. It is one of five MU publications in a series about beginning farming.


  • Alternative farming
  • Beginning farming
  • Farm planning
  • Occupation


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EC936, reviewed October 1993

EC936 Getting Started in Farming: Mostly on Your Own | University of Missouri Extension