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Swine Wean-to-Finish Buildings

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A wean-to-finish building is an all-in-one nursery, grower, and finishing building for swine production. These buildings are one of the newest ways that swine producers have hit upon to remain competitive in an increasingly demanding industry. Wean-to-finish systems reduce the stress that pigs experience when they are moved. Reduced stress may lead to less fighting among the pigs and fewer injuries and less sickness.

The publication summarizes the advantages and challenges of wean-to-finish systems and discusses who should consider wean-to-finish. It reviews design and construction details and specifically discusses manure handling, ventilation systems, and supplemental heating and cooling systems.


  • Animal management guidelines
  • Compares costs
  • Wean-to-finish facility
  • Conventional systems
  • Nurseries
  • Grow-finish buildings


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