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Hoop Barns for Grow-Finish Swine

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MidWest Plan Service

This bulletin addresses hoop barns as a low-cost, efficient solution for raising grow-finish swine. Management techniques for hoop barns, economic considerations useful for design and layout and when choosing construction options, plus cost comparisons of hoop barns with traditional buildings is covered. Illustrations, photographs, and tables enhance explanations, offer examples, and provide quick reference to facts.


  • Basic questions
  • When to consider hoops
  • Designing and erecting hoop barns
  • Environment and ventilation
  • Feeders and waterers
  • Animal handling and management
  • Pig performance
  • Environment and ventilation
  • Bedding
  • Manure handling
  • Sample layouts
  • Comparisons and analyses (cost, labor, financial)
  • Other resources.


  • 16

AED41 Hoop Barns for Grow-Finish Swine | University of Missouri Extension