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Drought Management and Recovery for Livestock Systems >>> UA publication (PDF)

Feeding Beef Cattle During Drought >>> Webinar

Nitrates and Prussic Acid

"Because nitrate and prussic acid is a complex issue, and because both problems can lead to livestock mortality, I strongly recommend that an ag specialist conduct the test and consultation when possible" Sarah Kenyon Agronomy Specialist, Ph.D.

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South Central Missouri Ag Newsletter

Management During Shortage of Forage and Feed 
MU Extension and MU Veterinary Medicine
(PDF) 6/29/18
The information in this Special Addition of the South Central Missouri AG News is a collection of briefs that offer suggestions for managing the cattle and forages during this dry period.
The briefs focus on animal nutrition, forages and feeds, herd health and toxicology.
They were produced by Eric Bailey, Tim Evans, Scott Poock, Stacey Hamilton, Rob Kallenbach, and Craig Roberts, and include the following topics:
     1. Cow herd management during drought: selective culling
     2. Heat stress and other animal considerations
     3. Emergency summer annuals
     4. Fescue Hay
     5. Fescue Silage
     6. Cow herd management during drought: supplemental feeding
     7. Ammoniation of low quality hay





Livestock Fact-Sheets

The Drought- Expensive Low-Quality Forage (PDF) 8/2/18
Drought Decisions (PDF) 7/20/18
Tough Times in the Livestock Industry (PDF) 7/11/18

Genetically Modified Organism and Genetic Engineering (PDF) 5/25/18
Heat Stress in Our Livestock (PDF) 5/22/18
Complementarity in Animal Grazing (PDF) 5/9/18
Review of Principles of Crossbreeding (PDF) 4/11/18
Planning and patience lead to better forage and cattle (PDF) 4/3/18
Mineral Supplementation for Livestock part I (PDF) 3/8/18
Mineral Supplementation for Livestock part II (PDF) 3/8/18
Mineral Supplementation for Livestock part III (PDF) 3/8/18
Mineral Supplementation for Livestock part IV (PDF) 3/8/18

How to Calculate Break Even for Fed Cattle (XLS)
Getting the most out of your forage acres (PDF)
Quality Hay Production with High Fertilizer Prices (PDF)
Value of feeding Minerals to Beef Cattle (PDF)

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