Extension Council Members

Osage County Council meet every other month starting in January.  They meet at 6:30 pm on the last Tuesday of the month in the County Commissioners room.

Chairman: John Juergensmeyer
Vice Chairman: DJ Schroeder
Treasurer: Becky Loehner
Secretary: Amanda Brandt
Benton Township: Becca Mehmert & Teresa Skaggs
Linn Township: Amanda Brandt & Nina Crowe
Crawford Township: Jeanette Vocks & Mary Kever
Jefferson Township: Sunshine Shanks & Lawrence Speichinger
Washington Township:  John Juergensmeyer & D.J. Schroeder
Jackson Township: Becky Loehner & Nathan Woehr
Appointed Members
Darryl Griffin
Keith Neier
Brent Dudenhoeffer