Northwest Missouri Regional Director's Office

Regional extension council

Regional extension councils are comprised of representatives from each county extension council within the region. Each county council selects its representatives. Through the regional extension councils, members of county councils have a forum for cooperation that helps them provide effective educational programs. Regional extension councils use the following strategies to achieve their goals:

  • Discussion of and exchange of information on regional issues
  • Recommendations on topics and issues related to regional and county concerns
  • Assistance in the training of county extension councils
  • Promotion of and support for multicounty planning and programming
  • Fostering of the partnership of University of Missouri Extension, State Council and the County Councils
  • Support for the policies and procedures jointly adopted by University of Missouri Extension and State Council

Extension council members

John Murphy
Term Ends 2014
816-449-5759 (H)
816-649-5365 (C)
Vice Chairman
Jayla Smith
Term Ends 2014
660 425-1421 (C)
Other members
Jerry Creason
Term Ends 2014
816-863-4484 (C)
Jack Critchfield
Term Ends 2014
Belinda Flick
Term Ends 2015
660-731-5278 (H)
Robin Frank
Term Ends 2014
660-845-2108 (H)
Maureen C Funk
Term Ends 2015
660-748-4562 (H)
Dan Hausman
Term Ends 2014
Mark Hoover
Term Ends 2014
816-539-2253 (H)
816-592-0162 (C)
Dallas Hurst
Term Ends 2014
816-383-3142 (C)
John Killgore
Term Ends 2014
816-539-2759 (H)
816-592-0469 (C)
Angela Limback
Term Ends 2015
Sarah Lowrey
Term Ends 2014
Mark Malott
Term Ends 2015
816-230-8499 (H)
Kim Martin
Term Ends 2014
660-240-5004 (H)
660-973-6286 (C)
Donald Miller
Term Ends 2014
816-390-4740 (C)
Kendell Misemer
Term Ends 2014
Paul Murphy
Term Ends 2014
816-449-2566 (H)
Sheila Oyler
Term Ends 2014
Sallie Jo Potter
Term Ends 2014
816-428-3962 (H)
816-390-7582 (C)
Beverly Schenkel
Term Ends 2014
660-582-4209 (H)
Beth Schlesselman
Term Ends 2015
660-641-2575 (C)
Julie (Dan) Schmitz
Term Ends 2014
660-254-0460 (C)
Cindi Sims
Term Ends 2014
O. Dee Smith
Term Ends 2014
660-425-6561 (H)
Debi Stewart
Term Ends 2014
816-528-3111 (H)
816-214-3739 (C)
Julie Tracy
Term Ends 2015
660-564-2221(w) (H)
Kristi Urich
Term Ends 2014
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