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Fruit and Vegetable Grower's Database

New Marketing Opportunity for
Fruit and Vegetable Growers

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University of Missouri Extension has developed a database of Missouri fruit and vegetable growers that is available on the AgEBB World Wide Web page. This new marketing tool will allow potential buyers to search for Missouri growers who produce specific crops. They will be able to limit their search to a specific region of the state, if the crop is organically or conventionally produced, the marketing method, and other parameters.

A list of fruit and vegetable producers will then be generated which meets the search criteria that the purchaser is looking for. The grower’s name, address, phone number, and e-mail address (not required) will be shown. It also will show how the grower markets his crop: wholesale, u-pick, roadside stands, farmer’s markets, mail order, etc.

There will be no charge to be listed in this database. If you are interested in having your farm included in this new marketing tool, please contact the person in your region listed below and an application form and instructions will be sent to you.  You may optionally enter the information for your farm over the web by clicking on the link above and choosing "Enter a New Listing for Your Farm."  The web application form will be forwarded to your regional specialist for approval.

Northwest Region
Tim Baker

Tom Fowler
St. Joseph

West Central Region
Lala Kumar
Northeast Region
Alix Carpenter
Central Region
Todd Lorenz
East Central Region
Scott Killpack
St. Charles
Southwest Region
Patrick Byers
South Central Region
Stacy Hambelton
Southeast Region
Donna Aufdenberg
Marble Hill

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