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Drought Resources


Drought affects Northwest Missouri from time to time. 2012 broke records for both heat and drought.  Here are some links that should help.

Newspaper Columns

Trees and Drought

Drought Resources on the Web


MU Extension Resources:

Missouri Climate Center

Missouri Climate Center Climate News/Events Archive

MU Extension Drought Web Page

Missouri Drought Information Facebook Page


State of Missouri:

Missouri Department of Agriculture

Missouri Department of Natural Resources


National Weather Service:

Climate Prediction Center Monthly & Seasonal Forecasts

U.S. Seasonal Drought Outlook - Climate Prediction Center

Current and Anticipated Precipitation Anomalies

Additional Precip Needed - Palmer Drought Index

Crop Moisture Index by Division

Extreme Drought Conditions Expand Across Region

The Devastating Heat Wave of 1980 Compared to 2012


U.S. Department of Agriculture:

Drought and Drought Assistance

Drought Prediction and Monitoring Tools

Evaporative Stress Index

Missouri Natural Resources Conservation Service

Drought and Weather

Drought Reports, Papers, Articles and Services

NRCS Drought Assistance

FSA Disaster Assistance Programs


 Other Links:

Drought Monitor

U.S. Drought Portal

Drought Impact Reporter

Vegetation Drought Response Index

WaterWatch (USGS)

University Drought Websites


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