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Spotted Wing Drosophila Resources


Spotted Wing Drosophila has been found in fruit crops all over Missouri, starting in 2013. This reference page includes articles, photos, and links to web sites with more information. Photos are at bottom of this page.

Newspaper Columns

Spotted Wing Drosophila


MU and Lincoln University Extension Resources:

Detecting larval infestations and insecticidal options for Spotted Wing Drosophila, a significant pest of small fruit crops in Missouri

Integrated Pest Management of Spotted Wing Drosophila with Emphasis in High Tunnel Grown Fall Bearing Primocane Raspberries


Other Resources:

Michigan State University SWD Page - Includes instructions for making traps.

Michigan State University SWD Fact Sheets

Oregon State University SWD Page

Cornell University SWD Page

University of Massachusetts SWD Page



These photo graphs were taken by Tim Baker in a high tunnel in the NW Extension Region. Copyright 2013. Newspapers may use with appropriate credit.

SWD on side of raspberry

Spotted Wing Drosophila on side of raspberry


SWD on side of raspberry

Spotted Wing Drosophila on side of raspberry


Raspberry infested with Spotted Wing Drosophila


Spotted Wing Drosophila larvae in infested raspberry


Both male and female SWD adults are seen inside this raspberry fruit


Two SWD adults are seen inside this raspberry fruit


Damage inside this SWD-infested high tunnel was close to 100%


The following photos are of SWD which were frozen to do close-up work. Some of them were stained by the raspberry juice around them. Freezing them changes the color to some degree, especially in the eyes. The above photos better represent eye color in living specimens.

Male SWD clearly showing the spots on the wings.


Female SWD do not have spots on their wings.


SWD larva in raspberry fruit.


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