Evapotranspiration Records for Gallatin, MO

Evapotranspiration (ET) measurements attempt to model the amount of water lost through evaporation and transpiration. A newspaper column I wrote on ETmay be found here: http://extension.missouri.edu/nwhort/nwh140612.aspx  More about the instrument used may be found here: http://www.etgage.com/

These measurements can only be taken in warm weather, since freezing temperatures would damage the gauge.  This works well for agriculturists since this corresponds to the growing season for most crops. Observations were started in 2014.



The graphs below plot precipitation vs. evapotranspiration and are known as a water balance charts. Precipitation events are noted as vertical blue lines. ET measurements are vertical red lines. The green line on the graph shows the water balance. Water deficits are below the horizontal blue line, and are shown in red. Water surpluses are above the horizontal blue line, and are shown in blue.

2018 -Cumulative - May through October

2018 - Cumulative - May through September

2018 - October


2018 - September

2018 - August

2018 - July

2018 - June

2018 - May