Total Solar Eclipse Crossing Missouri!

A Total Solar Eclipse is coming to many Missouri communities as the path of totality crosses Missouri.  I will be updating this web page as new resouces become available. This will include up-to-date forecasts from the National Weather Service as we get closer to to August 21st.

You can read more about it in my three newspaper columns:

Here are some other web sites that give additional information:

Map of path of totality:
Times given in CDT:
Times given in UT:

Retired NASA astrophysicist, Mr. Eclipse:

NASA Eclipse sites:

Great American Eclipse:

American Astronomical Society:

University of Missouri Eclipse web site:

State of Missouri Eclipse web site:

St. Joseph, MO, Eclipse web site:

The Beauty of Solar Eclipses:

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Live Stream the Eclipse!
Can't make to an area within the path of totality? 
NASA Live Stream across multiple platforms

Eye Safety! - How to safely view a solar eclipse
NASA eclipse safety site:
MU Health eclipse safety video:
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Preparing for the Eclipse - Things you might not have thought about:

Weather and the Eclipse
The National Weather Service Central Region Headquarters has some excellent information including cloud cover on the links below. Each link is for a specifice NWS Forecast Office. All counties in the NW Extension Region are served by the Kansas City National Weather Service office:

Kansas City, MO NWS office (EAX)
Springfield, MO NWS Office (SGF):
St. Louis, MO NWS Office (LSX):
Paducah, KY NWS Office (PAH):
Memphis, TN NWS Office (MEG):
Davenport, IA NWS Office (DVN):

Cloud cover on August 21 is a continuing concern. The above links for NWS offices give current cloud cover conditions. Here are some links to forecasts and current conditions for cloud cover and other information:


Historical and Future Eclipses


Photography of the Eclipse
Many seasoned eclipse watchers suggest that if this is your first total solar eclipse, you should avoid getting carried away taking photographs. But many of us seasoned photographers, even though this is our first total solar eclipse, can't resist.  There is much good information on photographing eclipses on the above pages.