News release: Eclipse Events

Tim Baker, MU Extension Horticulture Specialist
102 N. Main, Suite 1, Gallatin, MO 64640

Release Date: August 3, 2017
Headline: Eclipse Events

The upcoming total solar eclipse has been getting a lot of attention lately. And for good reason. It’s a rare event to have one come to your own back yard, and for many Missourians, that is literally the case.

In this week’s column, I thought I would mention several resources that are listed on my web page. You can find it at:

Many communities are planning special events around the solar eclipse. I have provided links on my web site to maps where you can find such an event near you.

Outside of the path of totality, you will only get a partial eclipse. If you cannot travel to a location in that path, there will be several opportunities to see live streaming of the eclipse on the web.

We are, of course, hoping for clear weather.  There’s a pretty good chance for that in late August. I have also provided links to special eclipse pages provided by the National Weather Service, so you can catch the latest forecast for August 21st as that special day approaches.

Be sure to check out the links that deal with eye safety. Don’t take chances! Be sure to obtain special glasses, which will allow safe viewing during the partial phases of the eclipse. Sunglasses won’t work! Be sure they are officially approved for solar viewing.

There’s also a link to an article on the MU Extension Business Development Program web page. This article points out many things that you might not have thought of… possible gas shortages, disrupted cell phone services, infrastructure challenges, and many others.  You need to be prepared… just in case.

I also have many other excellent web sites about the solar eclipse on my web page. As the day approaches, I will keep adding to it frequently. Take a look at: