News release: Master Gardener Classes

Tim Baker, MU Extension Horticulture Specialist
102 N. Main, Suite 1, Gallatin, MO 64640

Release Date: February 16, 2017
Headline: Master Gardener Classes

Extension horticulturists certainly have an interesting job.  We get to work with everyone from commercial growers to homeowners.  Another enjoyable group of folks are our Master Gardeners.  Master Gardeners meet monthly to learn about gardening.  They also serve the community through volunteer projects.

Master Gardeners are trained through a series of classes, held in Northwest Missouri every spring.  Training locations are determined on interest.  It usually takes a minimum of 15 people to hold a class.

This year, we are concentrating on Bethany, Plattsburg and St. Joseph for training locations. If one of these locations will not work for you, please call me at 660-663-3232 and let me know. If we can find enough students for a site, we can consider adding another class there.  If not, I can put your name on our interest list for a potential class in the future.

Another option for MG training is our campus-based on-line class. The next class is this coming fall, and you can enroll at any time online.

Master Gardeners are taught about all aspects of gardening.  Topics include plant growth, soils, diseases, insects, fruits, vegetables, flowers, trees, and many others.

After they graduate, Master Gardeners are required to fulfill 30 hours of service to the community.  That’s really not too difficult.  Every month, Master Gardeners meet as a group, and come up with volunteer projects to work on.

Volunteer service can include many types of projects.  Many groups focus on beautification projects in their communities.  Some teach gardening knowledge through speaking or writing.  Youth gardening projects, and working with the elderly are good projects as well.  There are many other projects that are possible, and as long as it’s some type of community service, only your imagination is the limit.

If you wish to sign up for our classes in Bethany, Plattsburg or St. Joseph, the deadline is March 20. The classes will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, from 6 to 9 PM, starting on March 21, depending on location.

Master Gardeners receive a USB thumb drive containing an electronic version of the Master Gardener core manual from University of Missouri Extension. A hard copy of the core manual is available for an additional charge. The cost for the training classes will be $110.00.  If spouses attend together, the cost for the couple will be $195.00.

For more information about Master Gardening, and a registration form, please call Tim Baker in Gallatin at 660-663-3232, or Tom Fowler in St. Joseph at 816-279-1691. You may also download a registration form and find more information on our web site at: