News release: Garden Journal

Tim Baker, MU Extension Horticulture Specialist
102 N. Main, Suite 1, Gallatin, MO 64640

Release Date: April 17, 2014

Headline: Garden Journal

Record keeping is important. This is especially critical for your garden. A year-by-year record of what you planted, what varieties you grew, where you planted them, weather data, and other information can be really helpful when planning future gardens.

Did you have an extreme drought?  Maybe it was too wet. What insects and diseases plagued your gardening efforts? When was the last spring killing frost?  When did the first fall frost come along?  What fertilizers and other soil amendments did you add? Did you use compost? When did you pick that first ripe tomato?  As you make these and other observations, be sure to record them.  You may want to look back in future years.

To make it easier to record such observations, University of Missouri Extension has produced a new book: “From Seed to Harvest and Beyond: Garden Journal and Calendar.”  It is full of useful information, along with places to write your notes.

This excellent, full color publication is available from any University of Missouri Extension Center for a small charge.  It carries the designation of MP928. You may copy, if desired, the blank pages before you write in them, to use in future years. Or you can download the forms at a MU web site.

For guiding your gardening efforts, you will find information on soil testing, building up your soil, composting, mulch, container gardening, insect and disease control, attracting beneficial insects to your garden, and more.  In addition, you will find tips for every month of the year.

There are pages you can fill in for planning your garden plots, recording indoor seed starting dates, harvest yields, spray records, a year-end review, and more.

You can purchase this excellent publication for only $15 from any University of Missouri Extension Center.

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