North Missouri Produce Auction

The North Missouri Produce Auction, near Jamesport, is an excellent sales outlet for produce growers in Daviess, Grundy, Livingston, and nearby counties. Buyers come from many areas, including St. Joseph and Kansas City.

For examples of what produce has sold for in the past, see this site:


Through the year at the North Missouri Produce Auction

Localy-grown produce is sold from April through October. Here are a few photos of the auction through the year. Photos by Tim Baker.


During the spring auctions, there are plenty of flowers, early fruits and vegetables, and bedding plants for gardeners. The lower right photo shows a typical tomato house which will start producing tomatoes in May.



Summer auctions bring a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.



The North Missouri Produce Auction attracts many buyers for pumpkins, mums, and other fall crops. They have a special "Pumpkin Auction" in September, with tons of pumpkins and two auctioneers.



While locally-grown produce is not sold during the winter months, the North Missouri Produce Auction continues with consignment sales twice per month. Items may include hay, wood, antiques, and more.


More Information on Jamesport

Jamesport is a major tourist destination in Northwest Missouri. The initial development of toursim in Jamesport was aided by MU Extension Community Development Specialists many years ago. For more information on Jamesport, see the following links:

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