Nutrition and health education

Food preservation

The University of Missouri Extension offers classes on water bath and pressure canning, freezing and drying methods of food preservation. Topics of instruction include keeping food safe, correcting pressure times, and using equipment properly. You can also bring in the dial gauge from your pressure canner to be tested for accuracy. It is recommended that this be done yearly.

Stay Strong, Stay Healthy

The "Stay Strong, Stay Healthy" program is available here in Nodaway County. This program can help you get started on the road to better health. The "Stay Strong, Stay Healthy" program is built on simple, strength building exercises that will improve balance, health, and state of mind. No, it's not strenuous weight-lifting; you'll start at a level that's right for you. No one is too inactive to participate. Building strength promotes quality of life and independence. All exercises are done either standing or sitting; there are no floor exercises involved. All equipment for the class will be provided. For more information, please contact the Nodaway County Extension Center at 660-582-8101.

Eat Well Be Well with Diabetes

“Eat Well, Be Well with Diabetes,” is a four-class series designed to teach people how to self-manage their diabetes with a strong focus on nutrition. Class topics include meal planning using the Plate Method, understanding carbohydrate counting, blood sugar management and monitoring. Each class member will have the opportunity to taste test easy and healthy recipes during each class session and will receive copies of all recipes to take for home use. “Eat Well, Be Well with Diabetes” is designed to enhance, not replace, diabetes education provided by a certified diabetes educator or other qualified health professional. For more information, please contact the Nodaway County Extension Center at 660-582-8101.

The Seasonal and Simple App

A premium guide to finding, selecting, preparing and storing fresh fruits and vegetables in Missouri.
  • View a vast selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, produce information, recipes and an easy-to-read colorful chart that shows when vegetables are in season.
  • A comprehensive list of Missouri Farmers Markets will lead you to locally grown produce anywhere in the state.
Available for iPhone, iPad or Android.  To download, simply go to the App Store or Android Market and search "seasonal and simple".

This app was created by students, faculty an dstaff at the University of Missouri.