Seasonal and Simple                      

Seasonal and simple is a guide to help you find, select, store, and prepare fresh fruits and vegetables. The recipes use simple preparations and seasonings, so you can taste the goodness of a fruit or vegetable at the peak of its flavor.

The fruits and vegetables are listed in the guide by their growing season — spring, summer and fall — with fruits and vegetables that grow best in cooler weather listed in both the spring and the fall sections. Recipes combining fruits or vegetables only contain fruits or vegetables grown in the same season.

You can continue to enjoy the fruits and vegetables grown during the spring, summer and fall, when you preserve them at the peak of their flavor and freshness. The Nodaway County Extension Center provides information that will help you learn the best way to can, freeze or dry food. 

One of the biggest obstacles clients report is that fresh produce is so expensive.   Yes, these can be but when produce is in season, the cost is reduced.  How can you know when fresh produce is in season?   MU Extension has a free app to help you.  Just type SEASONALANDSIMPLE into your smartphone.  Find the version.  This app not only tells when fresh produce is in season but health information, how to store, and recipes

This application was created by the following students, faculty, and staff at the University of Missouri

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Seasonal and Simple Fresh Produce Updates

5/21/2014 -  

Strawberries are a favorite with many families.   The bottom of the app says PRODUCE.   Read the General info, Vitamins, Choosing, Storing and Prepare to learn more.  Strawberry Slushy and a favorite, Strawberry and Spinach Salad with Poppy Seed are the recipes you will fine. 

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