Nodaway County 4-H Shooting Sports Invitational

When:   9:00 a.m.,  Saturday, May 2, 2015

Where:   Noel Miller Range, Ravenwood, MO

               From Hwy 136, turn North on Hwy 46, go approximately 3.1 miles.  Located on west side of highway.

How:   Registration Deadline - 4:30 p.m., April 24. Entry forms are found at the bottom of this page.  *Money and registrations will not be accepted the day of the contest*

Fees:   Please see Registration Form

The Nodaway County 4-H Shooting Sports Invitational will be held Saturday, May 2, at the Noel Miller Range in Ravenwood, starting promptly at 9:00 a.mAll participants must be pre-registered with the Nodaway County Extension Office by 4:30 p.m., April 24.  Money and registrations will not be accepted the day of the Contest.

In order to participate in the Contest, participants must be enrolled in 4-H Shooting Sports, and must have completed 740 Safety Training.

If you have questions, or need special accommodations, please contact the Nodaway County Extension Office by April 24.  While we will do our best, we cannot assign event squads to meet personal schedules.  We ask that all participants be ready to start promptly at 9:00a.m., so we can move through the day as quickly as possible.

Lunch and snack items will be sold at a concession stand on the grounds.  Proceeds will go to the Northeast Nodaway Bluejays 4-H Club.

Noel Miller 4-H Shooting Sports Range

The Contest will be held at Noel Miller’s Range (pasture), which is located north of Ravenwood.  If driving north on Main Street in Ravenwood, continue north heading out of town.  You’ll curve a few times, look to your left, and you will see cars parked along the side of the road.  There is a metal sign on the gate, showing Noel Miller’s name, along with a 4-H Clover, and you will also see our equipment sheds.  As always, we appreciate your help in being respectful of Noel’s property, by being aware of parking logistics, containing trash, etc.  There will be portable restrooms available.


Again this year – the Nodaway County 4-H Council is selling 4-H Shooting Sports T-shirts.  Proceeds will go to the Nodaway County 4-H Shooting Sports program, to help with equipment and upkeep.  The shirts will be NW Region – not specific to Nodaway County, short sleeve, and the artwork will be different from shirts sold in past years.  You may purchase shirts for family members, friends, leaders, etc., by pre-ordering. Shirts ordered by April 24 will be available to pick up at the Contest on May 2.  If late orders cannot be filled, the shirt fee will be refunded.

Contest Rules

This Contest will follow the 2015 State 4-H Contest Rules as closely as possible.  It is the responsibility of each coach and youth participant to know these rules.  The rules may be found at: or contact your 4-H Shooting Sports Leader or local Extension Office.

Examples of State 4-H Contest Rules to be aware of:

  • General Rule– While in the case and when brought to the firing line, air rifles and air pistols shall have a weed eater string (of bright color) in the barrel and protruding a minimum of 6 inches out of the muzzle and out of the action (Clear barrel indicator).  Smallbore rifles and pistols should use Open Bolt Indicators.  BB guns should use weed eater string, if possible.
  • General Rule– All firearms, air guns, and bows must be in a case at all times except when on the range and ready to participate in the event.
  • Shotgun Rule– Shotguns are to remain in a case until range official allows them to be racked (immediately prior to shooting).  No handling is permitted until called to the field/station.  Must be cased when moving between ranges.
  • Shotgun Rule– No resting muzzle on shoe or toe pad.  Pad to rest muzzle on is permitted – but must be a pad on the ground…not any part of the body.
  • Archery Rule - All bows are to be in a case of some sort prior to being called to the line.  Recurve bows are to be brought unstrung and will be strung when on the line.
  • Archery Rule - A minimum of six (6) matching arrows (same length, weight, shaft & fletching color) are recommended. More is better. Arrows can be damaged or lost.
  • BB and .22 participants – be aware of changes made in the rules regarding shooting positions.
  • Please note, at the Nodaway Contest, Senior Shotgun will shoot 50; Intermediate Shotgun will shoot 25.
  • Participants need to furnish their own equipment, including eye and ear protection, as required for your discipline.


Please read carefully –- DO NOT BRING AMMUNITION.  The state rules indicate that participants may furnish their own ammunition at the State 4-H Contest.  For our local logistics and safety reasons, we are NOT allowing ammunition to be brought to the Nodaway Contest.  Target Grade A ammunition will be provided.  Any participant bringing ammunition onto the grounds is subject to immediate dismissal.

(One exception to the rule: Participants shooting in the .22 Rifle Peep Sites 50 Yard Intermediate and Senior divisions may bring their own ammunition.  Those choosing to do so must check the ammunition in with an event leader immediately upon arriving at the grounds.)

Inclement Weather

Because fees will have been spent on supplies, we will have this Contest “rain or shine.”  The only exception will be - if there is a safety issue.  If lightning, etc. would make it unsafe for participants and families, the certified shooting sports leaders would make a decision to delay or dismiss.  However, if at all possible, we will continue as planned.   We do not refund fees for no-shows, or for cancelations made after April 24.

We look forward to seeing you May 2nd!

If you have any questions, please contact the Nodaway County Extension office at 660-582-8101.

Entry Forms:

Registration Form (.pdf)

Health Form Y640 (.pdf) *or log into your family account and print both the Member- Health Form and Member - Authorization Form

Waiver of Liability (.pdf)