Small Acreage and Land Entrepreneur Conference


Gain practical knowledge and explore the possibilities for your small acreage at this informative conference.

The northwest region agriculture specialists will be hosting the Small Acreage and Land Entrepreneur conference.  The conference will be a day-long learning opportunity for people who are excited to learn more about opportunities with a small acreage and ways they can make income on their land.

Updated Proceedings from the 2016 SALE Conference


Track 1 Urban Livestock, Amie Schleicher, MU Extension

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Track 2 Native Trees & Shrubs for Your Property, Lonnie Messbarger, MDC

Native Trees and Shrubs pdf

The Right Tree in the Right Place pdf

Track 3 Entrepreneurship Ken Kessaman, Owner Windy Winery

Windy Wine Co. 

Track 4 Organic Fertilizers, Wayne Flanary, MU Extension

Organic Fertilizers pdf



Track 1 Bee Keeping, Raymond Heldenbrand, beekeeper

Bee Keeping for Beginners pdf

MPCP pdf

NW MO Bee Clubs

Track 2 Growing Pumpkins, Tom Fowler, MU Extension

Growing Pumpkins pdf

Track 3 Getting Youth Involved in Farming, USDA & FCS Financial, MO Sheep Producers

MO Sheep Producers

FCS Financial


Track 4 Biochar to Improve Soils, Kurt Nagel, MU Extension




Track 1 Swine Production, Jim Humphrey MU Extension

Small Scale and Pasture Swine

Track 2 Growing Your Own Mushrooms. Lonnie Messbarger, MDC

Growing Mushrooms pdf

Shiitake Mushrooms pdf

Track 3 4-H Youth Entrepreneurs, Shaun Murphy, MU Extension

4-H Entrepreneurs

Track 4 Getting off the Grid, Jim Crawford, MU Extension

How to Buy and Sell Cordwood

Wood Fuel for Heating pdf

Preparing Wood for your Wood Stove pdf 

Wood Stoves and their Installation

Wood Stove Maintenance and Operation

Energy and Your Community



Track 1 Woodlot Management, Hank Stelzer, MU Extension

Forestry Terms for the Woodland Owner 

Selling Timber: What the Landowner Needs to Know  

Basic Elements of a Timber Sale Contract 

Managing Your Timber Sale Tax 

Determining Your Timber Cost Basis 

Track 2 High Tunnel Strawberry Production, Tim Baker, MU Extension

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Track 3 Ag Leases, Randa Doty, MU Extension

Farm Lease Agreement pdf

Customary Farm Rental Arrangements pdf

Verbal Farm Rental Agreements Under Missouri Law

Landowners' Guide to Lease Hunting in Missouri pdf

2015 Cash Rental Rates in Missouri pdf

Track 4 This Old House, Jim Crawford, MU Extension

Septic Tank Absorption Field Systems pdf



Track 1 Agroforestry, Hank Stelzer, MU Extension

Center for Agroforestry

Forestry Assistance for Missouri Landowners 

Track 2 Urban Vegetable Production, John Kiahua, Producer

Urban Vegetable Production pdf

Track 3 Cooking with Herbs, Katie Buchs, MU Extension

Growing Herbs at Home pdf 

Herbs and Spices pdf

Drying Foods pdf

Track 4 Nematodes in the Soil, Kurt Nagel, MU Extension




Track 1 Livestock Antibiotics Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD), Jim Humphrey, MU Extension

VFD pdf

Track 2 Emerging and New Pests of Horticulture Crops,  Tim Baker, MU Extension

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Track 3 Local Resources for Farms, MDA, USDA-FSA

Small-Midsized Farmer resources site 

Missouri Department of Agriculture 


Track 4 Displaying Products at the Farmers Market

Sampling at Farmers Market


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When:   Spring, 2017

Where:  Leah Spratt Hall
             Missouri Western State University
             St. Joseph, MO

Places to Stay:

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If you need further information, please call 660-582-8101 or email us at nodawayco@missouri,edu