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Pyramid transcript

Beginning an exercise program doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. A new fitness guide developed by MU Extension shows adults how to improve their health.

Celsi Cowan is no stranger to the gym. "It's pretty much a regular routine," she says. Cowan says the gym is busy right now, but in another month the crowds start to thin out.

According to MU Extension specialists 66 percent of Americans are either overweight or obese. Extension unveiled a new fitness guide showing adults how to get in shape. It's called the Myactivity Pyramid.

Steve Ball, MU Extension fitness specialist, says "Being physically active on a regular basis is a difficult thing, but the Myactivity Pyramid offers adults a variety of ways that they can reach these recommendations for health and improving the quality of life."

With a design similar to the Food Pyramid, the Myactivity Pyramid will seem familiar to people.

At the base of the pyramid adults can start off slow doing basic activities such as walking or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. There are specific recommendations for aerobic exercise. Adults need at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity each week.

"The good thing for Americans is that you don't have to do all of your exercise is one setting. You could break a 30 minute per day recommendation into three 10 minute bouts of exercise," Ball says. Adults should add muscle building ativities to the mix at least least twice a week. Plus it's a good idea to start off slow. People don't have to join a gym to be physically active.

Robin Gammon, MU Extension dietitian says, "So if it's as easy as just printing off the Myactivity Pyramid and putting it at your office or putting it on your refrigerator to remind you and others the Importance of physical activity, that can be a great start."

Research shows physical activity reduces the risk of heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and some cancers.